The fastest high speed Hand Dryers available today.

Dry in as fast as 7 seconds. Reliable, energy efficient and with a 7 year warranty, very cost effective. We are proud to offer some of the best hand dryers in the UK for commercial or home use. 
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  • XLERATOReco Hand Dryer BW-ECO White Thermoset (BMC) Cover
    • 9 Second* Dry Time

    • Wattage: 500W

    • Innovative Ambient Heat Technology

    • Can Install Multiple Units on One Circuit

    • Building Green Approved

    • 1yr Onsite Labour & 7yr* Parts Warranty

    XLERATOReco® Hand Dryer

    High Speed. Ambient Heat. 500 Watts.

    XLERATOReco uses Ambient Heat technology to dry hands fast while using only 500 watts of energy, making it the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly hand dryer on the planet. Optional HEPA Filter protection and 7 year warranty as standard.

    • Green Economy
      9 Second* Dry Time

    • Cost Only £0.10p per
      1,000 Dryer Uses

    • Reduce Your
      Environmental Impact

    • 500W Ambient Heat

    • 95% Cost Savings vs. Paper Towels

    • EPD Certified

    • Made in the USA Certified®

    • 80% Less Energy Than Conventional Hand Dryers

    • Helps Qualify for Several LEED® v4 Credits

    • 1yr Onsite Labour & 7yr* Parts Warranty

    XLERATOR® Hand Dryer

    Original. Patented. Still The Best.

    The XLERATOR is the original, patented, energy efficient, high speed hand dryer. Facilities around the world use XLERATOR to save time, money and the environment while creating a cleaner, more hygienic washroom. Optional HEPA Filter and stainless steel cover finish. 7 year warranty as standard.

    • Adjustable Speed
      And Sound Control

    • 500W Adjustable Heat

    • Industry Tested
      7 Seconds* Dry Time

    • Surface Mounted ADA Compliant

    • EPD Certified

    • Meets 4" ADA Protrusion Guidelines

    • 375 Watts (Heat Off) - 890 (Heat On)

    • Helps Qualify for Several LEED v4 Credits

    • Washable Pre-Filter

    • 1yr Onsite Labour & 5yr Parts Warranty

    ThinAir® Hand Dryer

    Surface Mounted. Designed for accessibility.

    The ThinAir gives you ultimate control by the inclusion of a variable motor and heater control, which allows you to change both the decibel level and wattage of the ThinAir. ThinAir operates from just 375W with a 15 second dry time and the whole unit is just 102mm in depth.

    • Adjustable Speed
      And Sound Control

    • Variable Heat

    • 15 second* Dry Time

* A Product Category Rule (PCR) establishes an internationally recognised set of rules, requirements and guidelines to test and report on a product’s impact on the environment. The playing field is levelled by setting industry standards on the evaluation of the products’ environmental impact and performance (i.e. dry times and energy use)  making it easier to make an informed decision with an apples to apples comparison. The first ever hand dryer PCR was published by UL Environment.

Experience The Best Hand Dryers In The UK

In dealing with Excel Dryer (UK) LTD you will be purchasing one of the fastest, best hand dryers for commercial and home use on the market accompanied with the highest levels of customer service at the time of sale, delivery and beyond. Product safety, performance and longevity are at the heart of what we do.

For years the technology used to create high-speed hand dryers remained virtually unchanged, and many hand dryer models on the market today are still based on the first 1948 electrical hand dryer design. Excel Dryer has worked with rocket scientists and top engineers to examine every detail of the hand drying process and a revolutionary and award winning intelligent hand dryer of the future. Testing has been conducted with SGS International and LMS technologies.

Where can Excel Dryers be used? Sure they are ideal for commercial use but what about as a hand dryer for home?

Excel Dryers are equally well suited to commercial, industrial or home use. Increasingly we are finding people are using them as a hand dryer for home. They are suitable for use as hand dryers for bathrooms, toilets, accessible washrooms and are easy to install. Often customers have tried one in a shopping centre, factory or stadium washroom setting and have then taken the decision to have them installed in their house after being impressed with how quick, clean and powerful they are.


Looking for spare parts?

With enhanced features and the most options and accessories in the industry, you can create the best hand drying solution for any washroom environment. Even in extremely high usage areas.


At Excel Dryer we thrive to meet all of your washroom needs. This is why we offer our 1 year onsite labour / 7 year parts warranty. We are also a one stop shop supplying various parts for our hand dryers so that after 7 years your hand drying needs can still be taken care for years to come.


95% savings versus paper towels.

According to an independent Life Cycle Assessment to ISO 14040, XLERATOReco achieves this reduced impact compared to conventional hand dryers and paper towels (new and 100% recycled content).

Calculate your savings, select your daily paper towel usage.

Select Your Usage for Sample Cost Savings
Low 50 Bistro, Small Business Office
Medium 200 Restaurant, Chain Store
High 500 School, Theatre, Conference Center
Heavy Duty 2500 Transportation Center, Stadium
More efficient
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