50% Longer Life.
Industry Best 7-Year Warranty
Buy online All XLERATOR® and XLERATOReco® hand dryers purchased from January 1st 2020 are warrantied
for seven (7) years, this covers all parts, and most importantly, the motor.
Previously purchased dryers are 5 year warrantied.
Feel the power of the world's

commercial hand dryers

All our dryers are 4 times faster than conventional dryers and have low
energy consumption. This allows you to save on high energy bills.
The finest commercial hand dryers in the world ideal for everything from single to
large scale installations. with dry times as low as 8 Seconds!
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Let’s Settle The Debate About Commercial Hand Dryer Hygiene.

Think paper towels are more hygienic than automatic electric hand dryers? Think again. Visit our info page for independent scientific studies, case studies, articles and other resources/educational materials about proper hand hygiene and why Excel Dryer manufacture the best hand dryers for commercial and home use in toilets and bathrooms across the world.

Hand Dryer RangeDryer Hygiene

Adjustable Speed & Sound Control

Adjustable Heat Settings

Reduce environmental impact

Our Hand Dryer product line

Second dry time
Cost Savings vs. Paper Towels

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