Excel Dryer (UK) Ltd have Rebranded!

Excel Dryer (UK) Ltd, the sole distributor of XLERATOR® hand dryers in the United Kingdom have rebranded. The new look came after an extensive brand review; the result of which is a look and feel that better reflects the company’s mission to revolutionise washrooms throughout the world. The most noticeable change is the new website www.excel-hand-dryers.co.uk which has been streamlined and the design simplified to improve functionality and customer experience.

In addition to the new website other brand assets for Excel Dryer (UK)  include a simplified black logo with white writing and new marketing material, all designed by go6 media with the assistance of The Digital Marketing Bureau who provided consultative services. The Digital Marketing Bureau will continue to provide SEO services to help increase Excel Dryer’s online presence.

We could n’t be happier with the outcome of our extensive rebrand project,” said Simeon Barnes, Managing Director of Excel Dryer UK. “We believe the new look better reflects our company and product line and the speed of the website is much like our high speed hand dryers!”

William Gagnon, Vice President of Marketing and Sales echoed Simeon Barnes’ comments saying, “XLERATOR has an iconic look, recognised around the world. The new marketing assets are more in line with the image our products project.”

“Since XLERATOR was introduced to the market, we’ve truly led the industry, by revolutionising it,” said Denis Gagnon, Jr, Vice President – International. “We believe this website follows suit. We hope visitors enjoy the improved experience.”

About Excel Dryer (UK) Ltd.
For  over 15 years, Excel Dryer (UK) have been the sole distributor for XLERATOR®, XLERATOReco®  and ThinAir® hand dryers throughout the UK. Excel Dryer (UK) has offices in New Malden, Surrey, and Bradford, West Yorkshire. Learn more about Excel Dryer (UK) at www.excel-hand-dryers.co.uk.

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