What The Industry Says About Our Industrial Hand Dryers

Excel Hand Dryer with ADA Compliant Recess Kit

Customer Feedback on our Industrial Hand Dryers Installations.

Just like any business, here at Excel Dryer we like to think that our product is the best of the best. While we could go on and on about how great our XLERATOR® industrial hand dryer is, we decided to let our customers do the talking for us. Below are quotes and comments given by satisfied clients around the world who have saved money, reduced their environmental footprints and more!

“I was surprised – it actually works! I didn’t have to go through the usual routine of putting out my hands under the dryer, getting tired of it not working, and then wiping them on my pants.” – David in Santa Cruz, CA

The XLERATOR industrial hand dryer boasts an 8-second dry time, which is the fastest recorded time on the market. Many other hand dryers force users to hit the button a second time, only to dry their hands for an additional two seconds or so. They then walk away as the hand dryer continues to spew out warm air wasting energy and heat. Our industrial hand dryers eliminate this waste.

“I recently used the XLERATOR hand dryer and was amazed! I have never liked hand dryers until I used the XLERATOR.” – Richard in Windsor, MI

A big knock against hand dryers is that although they save money and reduce waste, they simply are not as effective as paper towels. We’re glad to see that Richard is just one of the millions of end users who are satisfied with our industrial hand dryers.

“The installation of XLERATOR hand dryers was a significant factor in reducing our overall waste removal from the park by over 123 tons this year, which equates to a 24% reduction in waste compared to the same time last year. The annual savings compared to paper towels is clearly substantial.” – Chris Knight, Facility Planning Manager for the Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park

Yes, you read that right. The Boston Red Sox and historic Fenway Park utilise XLERATOR industrial hand dryers. Imagine all the people who attend the 81 games at Fenway per year. Now imagine how many paper towels were used daily. By installing our hand dryers, the Red Sox eliminated that waste.

“XLERATOR continues to be the specified hand dryer of choice at USGBC headquarters because it meets the aggressive energy and waste reduction objectives for designing state-of-the-art green washrooms.” – Ken Wilson of Envision Design and USGBC.

In case you’re wondering, USGBC stands for the United States Green Building Council, which is an industry leader in reducing waste and conserving energy in the workplace. If the XLERATOR industrial hand dryer is good enough for them, why aren’t you using it?

image of the benefits of excel dryers when used as industrial hand dryers

If these haven’t swayed you enough, check out our USA and UK based customer testimonials  to see how we’ve helped organisations in the United Kingdom and United States of America save money and energy with their Excel industrial hand dryer installations.