Wembley Stadium

Sustainable Design Leads Wembley to Install Hand Dryers

There’s some exciting news in the green building and facilities management world. Recently, Wembley Stadium received a prestigious award, a 3-Star Industry Green certification, for its overwhelming commitment to environmental sustainability.

The new Wembley Stadium was designed by Foster + Partners and HOK Sport. While construction broke ground back in 2002, it ran into several snags along the way. The construction project was finally finished in 2007, and it opened in March of that year.

The 90,000 person capacity stadium is home to the English national football team. It also hosts the Rugby League Challenge Cup, other high profile sporting events (including NFL football), and even huge concert events. Despite its epic proportions, Wembley Stadium gets a surprising amount of efficiency and sustainability due to its cutting edge design and facilities.

Over the past year, the stadium achieved some astounding environmental figures:

  • It reduced absolute emissions (from energy, water, sewerage, waste and business travel combined) 884 tons of CO2 (from 13,708 to 12,824).
  • Wembley reduced overall emissions per performance per seat (from energy, water, sewerage, waste and business travel combined) by 10%.
  • It reduced energy use emissions per performance per seat by 9%
  • Wembley also reduced total waste volumes by 17%; Increased recycling rates from 46% to 65%; and composting from 5% to 15%.

Those are all astonishing reductions in emissions, waste, and energy. Excel Dryer, being the major supplier of electric hand dryers for Wembley Stadium and a company deeply concerned with green building, is proud of all of Wembley Stadium’s accomplishments.

For 2013, we’re looking forward to all the excitement on Wembley’s pitch, and maybe even more, what sorts of greening and environmental innovations they can come up with again.

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